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Honoured to be called to witness

Welcome in so glad you could pass by.

My name is Matiga here is a very flattering picture of me.... 
the face behind the name Makeba Doula.

Hopefully this page will give you a little more about me and what I offer.

About me

I am a born and bred south Londoner who currently resides in Camberwell with my three children one fully grown young lady, a mostly horizontal teen boy and a little person who thinks he is 26 instead of six. We all share space with a cat and a dog (although I must add I am not a pet person*) and lots of plant's.

I have six nieces and two nephews who I can provide with sugar and then return to my siblings as revenge for years gone by.

I enjoy nature and art, sunsets and books. Beautiful scents fill me up and I have a wonderful relationship with the sea.

Women amaze me in all their forms especially when with child I find such grace and power yet vulnerability and surrender. It really is the manifestation of the term "life imitating art"

I trained to become a Doula in 2016 with the amazing Nicola Goodall of Red Tent Doulas.
I have since supported many families along their new journeys which is always an absolute honour.



About Makeba

"I look at an ant and I see myself: a native South African, endowed by nature with a strength much greater than my size"
- Mirriam Makeba

I often get ask the meaning of the name Makeba and why I chose it.

MAKEBA is the surname of one of the most loved and respected female singers of South Africa Mirriam Makeba fondly nicknamed Muma Africa is apparently who I myself was named after. One of her most infamous songs was titled "Maleika Malieka" which just so happens to be my daughter's name.

Mirriam Makeba was exhiled from her birth country for standing up and speaking out against the injustices of apartheid. She spread truth and love through her music and carried the messages all over the world. She went on to marry black panther Michael Carmichael who was the man behind the Fist caption "black power".

Mirriam's soft yet powerful character is such a great example of the duality found within all women.

She, to me stands for autonamy and what's right despite the difficulties one may face for doing so.

 Along with many other beautiful women,I count Mirriam as part of my team. So you're in good hands.

Malaika - Mirriam Makeba


Doula Package

  • Initial meet and greet (aka vibez'-checker) pre-natal visit

  • Birth plan vision board session

  • Prenatal visit Inc pregnancy massage

  • Two week prior and post-edd on call period which involves 24hr access via text, Whatsapp, email or phone. I will commit to being no further than 90min travel time to your place of birth

  • Continuous unobtrusive support throughout birth until settled and happy for me to leave.

  • Postnatal cup of love visit including ceremonial cacao and foot massage

  • postnatal visit including body massage or pre prepared home cooked meal.

For more information and prices, please send me a message.


Matiga stepped into the role of my post natal doula at very short notice. I was her last minute disorganized first time single mum to be client.

From our first meeting she inspired confidence. 

She had a very empowering approach in sharp contrast to well meaning friends and midwives who tried to tell me how and what was best based on their experiences without recognising every mother, child and situation is different.

I have no hesitation in recommending Matiga as a postnatal doula for newly expectant and post partum mums and dads.

- Client

You came into our bubble in those very early days so delicately and so sensitively and provided me with precisely the kind of tenderness and care I needed at the time.You were gentle not just with myself  but also with my parents, making me feel instantly comfortable and safe.


My birth was epic but also empowering, and nevertheless I had my first ever panic attack when I got back home with my baby which was very frightening. You listened and helped me reframe my whole birthing experience in such a way that centred its sacredness and helped me see that there was nothing wrong with me given the institutional spaces we give birth in.

I am also grateful for the book you lent us with delicious recipes to nourish the mother and the foot massages were such a treat.

- Client


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- Makeba Doula 


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